European Wines & Drinks

The Challenge

European Wines & Drinks, one of the leading wine accessory suppliers in the UK, tasked ONL Marketing with creating a paid advertising campaign using Google Adwords. ONL Marketing was required to demonstrate the tool’s value, build traffic and increase click-through to its website, and generate an increasing volume of conversions without increasing the cost per acquisition (CPA). As this campaign was set up as a trial, these challenges needed to be met within a very limited budget.

The Key Project Features

At the beginning of the campaign, ONL Marketing split the budget between PPC advertising and product listing ads (PLAs); the strategy here being to build up enough data to confidently make informed decisions before making any significant changes.

Two months into the campaign, it was determined that PLAs were performing significantly better than the pure PPC ads. As a consequence of this, all PPC activity was paused and the budget put into PLAs.

The Results

After pausing PPC activity and allowing the PLAs to run alone, the number of conversions and conversion value, significantly increased: a 4,814% increase in number of conversions, and a 660% increase in conversion value across a five month period.

Across the same period, CPA was decreased by 98%.

Return on ad spend (ROAS) and ROI also improved significantly month-on-month. At the beginning of the campaign, ROAS (including management fee) was at 45% and increased to 77% after five months, while ROI increased from -20% to 136% across the same period.